The little green book introducing the
New Paradigm

A New Paradigm Quantum Philosophy Guide for Sole survival

A pre-primary cause for thinkering and subtlelisation
Written by Jacob (Yoni-Pi) Jonker who was born in a hamlet in West - Friesland. As the author himself presents a mystery, so he presents us with a mystery - a philosophical puzzle. An early interest in matters psychological led him to take a closer look at religion, society, politics and economics. Eventually a philosophy formed in his personal scheme of things, based on a loose collection of modern Western philosophers and books in the Eastern Wisdom tradition. The result is a philosophical puzzle of unequalled dubiosity.
The intent of the book was to give a basis for a new religious-spiritual cosmology in such a way as to enable any religious believer, atheist or agnostic anywhere to bolt on to it for the purpose of finding common ground in psychological operating mental-emotional software.  Read more    
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