About the Author

Mysticus Mystorium. Jacob (Yoni-Pi) Jonker, The initiator's Initiator.

The author of the little green book titled, "Mystorium", etc., is one of the many Jacob Jonker people in this world.
This Jacob Jonker was born in the year of 1951 in a hamlet in West-friesland. This part of Friesland lost its independence to the Counts of Holland about 600 years ago. Independence, however, is still near to the heart of this particular West-friesian.
Raised on farms,he went to agricultural schools,after his primary education, and left for a short career at sea aged eighteen. Back on the farm before long, he decided to emigrate,as his father's dairy farm did not offer any prospect for gainful employ and a wider horizon beckoned-his restlessness during his youth found thus temporary satisfaction in the thought that something was in the planning,something different was about to happen. This set a pattern for the rest of his life.Jacob was a restless person, seemingly content, but never satisfied with his lot.As to the rest of his character, it gets a bit murky here. He is loath to divulge anything much about his person, so we have to rely on others who have known him, to fill in the details. Friendly and helpful, yet withdrawn and taciturn at regular intervals and not accustomed to be part of the normal social scene, he presents a bit of an enigma as far as an accurate profile is concerned.In the event, he found himself in Melbourne, Australia, at the age of nineteen, making a start as a general - and builders' labourer. In 1971 he went to work in the North - West of Western Australia, in the iron ore industry. Here he worked as labourer, equipment operator and bus/truck driver until 1992. In between times he travelled back to Holland, spent some time looking around Western Europe and went to Canada and New Zealand.
Since leaving the mining camps in Australia, Jacob gave truly in to his restless nature and drifted backwards and forwards between Australia/New Zealand and Western Europe until, at last, the idea of a sole survivalist philosophy gelled into the shape of this little book.
As the author presents a mystery, so he presents us with a mystery - a philosophical puzzle, if you like. Son of a farmer, labourer/operator and driver, he came to philosophy late in life. An early interest in matters psychological led him to take a closer look at religion, society, politics and economics in his spare time. Eventually a philosophy formed in his personal scheme of things, based on a loose collection of modern Western philosophers and books in the Eastern Wisdom tradition.
The result is a philosophical puzzle of unequalled dubiosity, I believe.
Signed, Anon